Inspired by Threads

SHADI CO is a unisex luxury clothing brand based in Memphis, TN founded by artist, designer Rashad Muhammad. We work hard to transform the things that inspire us into something fresh with each garment. Our goal is to create compelling product that represent peace and equality.

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Our Brand Mission

Each garment is meticulously crafted with love and ethically sourced materials, reflecting our commitment to fostering unity and spreading messages of peace through fashion.

Principle 1


Our clothing brand is a celebration of peace, inspired by the vision of a harmonious world where compassion and understanding prevail.

Principle II


It seeks to create a just and inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities and access to resources, empowering them to thrive and contribute to the collective progress of humanity.

Principle III


Elegance embodies an exquisite simplicity, where every movement, every detail, and every gesture exudes grace and refinement. It is a timeless quality that captivates hearts and transcends fleeting trends, leaving a lasting impression of beauty and poise.